Why You’re Seeing “Flying Objects” Art in Downtown Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) People who visit downtown Salt Lake City might see some public art being taken and installed. Public art program manager Dana Hernandez joined Good Morning Utah with Emily Clark to talk about why that may be.

If you’ve been downtown along 300 South between 400 West and 300 East, you’ve see the public art along the median. That art is called the Flying Objects series. The pieces that are up right now will be taking down this Friday (tomorrow).

The new, permanent pieces will be installed throughout the day Saturday. There will 18 new art pieces installed.

The Flying Objects series began in 2005 when downtown Salt Lake City was under considerable construction for the City Creek Center.

The project was designed by the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City in partnership with the Salt Lake City Public Art Program to stage a series of temporary, rotating sculptures, installed in three locations that added color, shape, interest, whimsy, and vitality to the streetscape through a curated series of sculptures in a range of styles and materials.

Since then, four series’ of Flying Objects have been accomplished with great support from the artists and community; each series being installed for a period of 2 to 2½ years.

Of course, a lot of time and consideration went into the selection of the next series of art pieces since they will be permanent.

Each selected artist/team is paid an honorarium for the loan of their work. At the end of the project period the artwork is returned to the artists. All Flying Objects 4.0 sculptures are currently for sale through the artists.

In the past there has been some controversy – or at least "buzz" – for some of the pieces.

That is not uncommon for public art. In fact, we hope much of the public art around Salt Lake City is seen, enjoyed, and perhaps used to create a conversation. Salt Lake City’s Public Art Program provides opportunities for artists to create artwork that enhance or is integrated into public buildings and public spaces.

The program’s purpose is to add high quality, site-specific artists’ work to the natural and built environment.The current, temporary series of Flying Objects, 4.0 will be uninstalled on April 14 from 8a.m.-5p.m.

The installation of 18 large-scale sculptures will take place on Saturday, April 15 from 7a.m. – 7p.m. on 300 South between 400 West and 300 East.

For more information, visit www.saltlakearts.org.

What You Can Do While Visiting Salt Lake City This Summer

Anyone that visits the state of Utah needs to go directly to Salt Lake City. It is a unique location, one that has been molded by those of the Mormon faith, centered around the downtown area. It is in this area you will see the Temple Square, the headquarters for the Mormon church. You will also be able to hear, from time to time, the Mormon Tabernacle choir. There are other things that you will be able to do once you get to Salt Lake City. Here are some of the best activities that are currently available.

Natural History Museum Of Utah

Whenever you visit a new city, it’s always good to learn a little bit about the history of how it came to be. This is definitely what you will be able to discover when you explore the many different galleries which will talk about not only earth science but the native cultures that were in the area.

Red Butte Garden

Another place that people should always visit our the botanical gardens in the cities that they visit. You will get an idea of the incredible diversity that can be found that cities all across the country. This particular one has many different nature trails, outdoor concerts and workshops that you can attend. It is designed with the tourist in mind.

Clark Planetarium

Your final stop should be the Clark planetarium which is one of the better planetariums that you will ever visit. Part of that has to do with the incredible 3D IMAX films that are shown at this location. Additionally, there are many state-of-the-art exhibits and laser light shows that make this one of the most intense planetarium experiences that you will ever have.

By visiting any or all of these places, you will get a feel for the modern version of Salt Lake City. You will also learn about its origins. For those that need to go on a vacation, heading out toward the west coast of the United States, definitely stop in this city and experience the many different things that it has to offer.

Can You Afford Apartments For Rent In Salt Lake City?

Apartments for rent in Salt Lake City don’t always have the best pricing attached to them. In fact, you are far more likely to get a bad deal than one that you’ll benefit from. That’s why being careful is so important when finding a rental.

There are not a lot of apartments that you’ll fall in love with right away. But, if you do have that happen you shouldn’t let that blind you to the facts. It may seem great on the surface, but when you look deeper into the apartment you find out that it’s very different. Some people that have places they rent out are really good at hiding problems they have with their buildings. You don’t have to let that be something you ignore, because it’s easy to look up a place before you call it your new home.

Apartments may, for the most part, have some kind of move in special if you wait for the right time. If a place isn’t having a lot of people move in then they may want to offer you a good deal so you’ll become a tenant there. One thing to be careful about when it comes to this kind of thing is that a lot of these places that have to do this are not that good. But, still, there are times where even good apartments need more people and will offer a deal to those they get to live there.

Do you have to be afraid of any special rules or fees that you may have hanging over you when you rent some places? If you’re late on the rent, what happens? You may sign a lease without reading it, and then you’ll find out that everything is not as you thought it would be. Never sign anything until you seriously read up on it first. If you’re going to need help with understanding anything, you can try to look it up online or in some cases it’s best to just avoid them in case they’re trying to trick you somehow.

Where will you live the next few months or years? The apartments for rent in Salt Lake City can be a great choice! It’s only a good idea to go about this if you are aware of what you’re in for and whether the lease is fair or not.

Secret Service Agents Sued for “Viewpoint Discrimination”

A federal appellate court has ruled that two Secret Service agents must face charges for violating the free speech rights of protesters by engaging in “viewpoint discrimination” during the administration of President George W. Bush.

On October 14, 2004, Secret Service agents Tim Wood and Rob Savage were part of President Bush’s security detail when he visited the mining town of Jacksonville, Oregon. Groups of both pro- and anti-Bush demonstrators gathered outside the hotel where Bush was staying. According to court papers, relations between the two sides were non-violent and “cordial.” However, Wood and Savage then ordered state and local law enforcement officers to move the Bush critics away from the building and undergo security screening, while allowing the pro-Bush crowd to get closer and not endure the screening. The law enforcement officers used “clubs, pepperspray bullets, and violent shoving” to accomplish their task.

With the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, seven anti-Bush demonstrators sued the Secret Service, claiming Wood and Savage violated their First Amendment rights.

The agents filed a motion to have the lawsuit dismissed. But the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the motion and denied qualified immunity to Wood and Savage.

-Noel Brinkerhoff

To Learn More:

Police Shoot Pepper Balls at Oregon Demonstrators (by Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive) 

Utah legislators vote to make changes to polygamy law but would keep it a felony

A Utah legislative committee advanced a bill that keeps polygamy a felony but offers people leaving a polygamous relationship a chance to avoid prosecution.

HB99 will go to the full House of Representatives for consideration. It adds a criteria for being prosecuted for bigamy: The offender must live with the extra spouse and “purport” to be married. Current law requires only one or the other.

Bigamy is punishable by up to five years in prison, but the punishment under the bill would be up to 15 years if it’s prosecuted in conjunction with crimes such as abuse, fraud or human smuggling.

The bill also would offer amnesty for minors or anyone who leaves a relationship for fear of coercion or bodily harm, or who is trying to protect a child.

Polygamists who attended Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee meeting left disappointed. In the hall outside the meeting room, they discussed a planned rally Friday and how to contact their respective legislators.

Polygamists wanted the bill, HB99, to fail, or at least to make polygamy a misdemeanor that could only be prosecuted alongside violent crimes or fraud.

Some also said the amnesty provision doesn’t protect the consenting adults who remain in the plural marriage. Valerie Darger said she left her first polygamous marriage because her husband was verbally abusive and didn’t support their children, but he and her sister wives shouldn’t have gone to jail for that.

“If I thought it would incriminate them to save me, I would not have come forward,” Darger testified to the committee.

Legislators said Utah needs to stay in compliance with the state constitution, which says polygamy is a crime, and needs more tools to pursue polygamists who force underage marriages and abuse children.

Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, HB99’s sponsor, said the state’s prosecutors will continue their policy of pursuing abusive men.

“If you look at the way this crime, and it is a crime in this state, has been prosecuted, we have never gone after women and children,” Noel told the committee.

The committee passed the bill 7-3. One of the no votes was Rep. Ken Ivory, R-West Jordan. He pushed an amendment to make polygamy a misdemeanor. The committee rejected that move.

Ivory said he dislikes how the law and the statute makes polygamy a felony while adulterers can do as they please. Assistant Utah Attorney General Parker Douglas acknowledged the two standards.

“If they’re simply people having, for lack of a better word, an orgy,” he said, “that’s not illegal.”


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'Sister Wives' family returns to Utah to rally polygamists against bigamy bill

Polygamists and their children marched to the Capitol on Friday to show that they are families, and to ask lawmakers not to advance a bill that would keep polygamy a felony in Utah.

Among those in attendance were stars from the television reality show “Sister Wives,” whose lawsuit spurred the Utah Legislature to change the definition of bigamy in Utah. It was the first time since 2012 that the stars have made a public appearance in Utah, where they said they feared prosecution.

The show is about a husband, Kody Brown, his plural wives — Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn — and their children.

Kody Brown on Friday said keeping polygamy a crime makes polygamous families afraid to call ambulances or social services that can help them.

“Stop prosecuting consenting adults,” he said.

“I want my right to live my life as a consenting adult,” said Meri Brown.

A film crew followed the Browns on Friday as they arrived at City Creek Park before leading about 100 people — polygamists, their children and supporters — up State Street to the Capitol.

There, the crowd grew to about 200, though some people opposed to polygamy were sprinkled among the polygamists; a film crew for “Escaping Polygamy,” a reality show about people fleeing abuse in polygamous sects, was on hand. Supporters of polygamy chanted, “Families, not felons” until speakers addressed them.

Christine Brown was one of the people who went to a podium on the Capitol’s southern steps and spoke into a microphone.

She was raised in a loving family, she said, but one that taught the children to be afraid of the outside world for fear that police would enter the home and take away the men and children. She said children being abused in polygamous homes are still afraid.

“We need to change these laws to eliminate that fear,” Christine Brown said.

Those who opposed polygamy and want legislators to pass a new bill addressing it talked about children and abuses Friday, too.

Pam Jenson, who has worked with people who have left polygamous families, said polygamy should remain a felony because it is harmful to women and children — an assertion the Utah attorney general’s office made in opposing the Browns’ lawsuit. She said HB99 will provide a “safe harbor” for people leaving such households.

“There’s still religious coercion to stay” in polygamy, Jenson said.

HB99 passed a House of Representatives committee last week and is likely to be debated this week by the full body. The bill would amend the definition of bigamy to say someone is guilty if he or she “purports” to marry two or more people and cohabits with them. Current state law requires one or the other. Polygamy would remain a felony punishable by up to five years in prison, but those penalties can increase if polygamy is prosecuted in conjunction with violent crimes, human smuggling or fraud.

The bill also would permit amnesty for people leaving abusive polygamous relationships, though polygamists say it would create witnesses against others who remain in the plural marriage.

Prosecutors across the state have declined to pursue cases unless there’s underage marriage, abuse or fraud in the households. Utah’s polygamists would like polygamy to be decriminalized, but first they want to defeat HB99.

The first season of “Sister Wives” showed the family living in Lehi, but when police there began an investigation, the Browns moved to the Las Vegas area.


Best Holiday Apartments For Rent In Salt Lake City

Utah is the land of beautiful landscapes, ancient myths and wild adventures. The state is the home of 5 national parks. They are Canyon lands, Arches, Zion, Capitol Reef and Bryce. All these regions suggest its wonder and majesty. The State also has many national monuments, 40 state parks and 14 world-class ski resorts (11 of which are less than an hour from Salt Lake City International Airport). Furthermore, the land is known for stops such as the Red Rock Golf Trail, Lake Powell, Monument Valley and Great Salt Lake. In salt lake city, you possibly can access some preferred sights and best facilities.

You can enjoy the convenience of a lot of shops, museums, restaurants, shops and theaters, art galleries, cafes and numerous bars and nightclubs. If you want to spend the holidays here in Salt lake city, then you will have to look for the best apartments for rent in Salt lake city.

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Choosing The Best Apartments For Rent In Salt Lake City

To be in Utah is an experience that should be relished and cherished. The state is filled with a rich history, a unique culture, shopping and wonderful places to be. In addition to this, the Salk lake city is a major tourist spot where everybody wants to be for a certain period of time. Many tourists have gone to this town, stayed in a hotel and found the experience satisfying. There is a big difference in staying at a hotel and renting an apartment. Staying at a hotel means higher costs and less freedom for many tourists. So, if you are intending to spend your holidays in Utah, try to find apartments for rent in Salt lake city. This will help you save money and enjoy the real life of Utah.

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Are You Looking For Corporate Apartments For Rent In Salt Lake City?

Many companies today are deciding to rent temporary apartments in order to provide a place to stay for their executives and clients. Apartments for rent in Salt lake city have proven to be more economical than hotels, especially for longer stays. If you need to find a residence in Salt lake city for an Executive or a client, it is available for long-term contract for an affordable price. In addition, there are people who are looking for ways to stay a couple of months in Utah may also find the opportunity to rent an apartment in Salt lake beneficial. However, all these possibilities will only come true if you choose the right real estate company to work for you.

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Apartments For Rent In Salt Lake City

How To Find Apartments For Rent In Salt Lake City?

Some years before, it was really a difficult job to move from one location and to find a place to rent. With the development in the field of technology, it is now easy to find apartments for rent in Salt lake city, US. There are several websites that offer apartment search guide to help people solve their problem. With the help of this guide,  you are able to find different types of apartment and amenities of your choice. Salt lake city apartments are available in a wide variety. This includes exclusive neighborhoods and urban culture. You can easily find pet friendly apartments in this city using an online apartment finder. In addition, you can search for luxury apartments with amenities like a fitness center, swimming pool or off-street parking.

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